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    Yuhuan WOD Auto Parts Co.,Ltd . founded in 2008 , persist on Integrity, Modesty, Efficient and Stability ,is a manufactory which include production, sales and services .supply OEM and Aftermarket service for global automotive manufacturing enterprise .... Read more

    R&D & Management

    The company has strong technology development capability and strict quality assurance system.


    It has advanced inspection and testing equipment at home and abroad.

    R & D team

    The R & D team, which is managed by advanced concept, is responsible for the whole process of product development.

    Certification and honor

    Our company passed the TS16949 authenticate and has maintained it ever since .


    Innovation leads the industry pioneer, and service creates the brand.

      Vulcanizing shop

      Mould management

      Testing laboratory

      Press shop


    senting success

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